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Discover Randsburg, California

Randsburg is in the Rand Mining District, a California Historical Landmark, designated on May 22, 1957.  The town has a history dating back to 1895, when three prospectors found gold in nearby Rand Mountain. Their discovery led to the development of The Yellow Aster Mine and the Kelly Mine which are the two largest mines in the Rand District. The establishment of these mines brought an influx of people to the area looking to make their fortunes in the Mojave hills. The area experienced several boom times from discoveries of both and gold and silver and the Rand mine is known for being one of the most productive silver mines in the American West.


To support the new Rand mine, in 1895, a camp was established and named Rand Camp. By the end of 1895 the camp had developed into a town with 13-buildings. Over the course of the following year, many more claims were staked, and by 1897, the word was out, and the town of Randsburg had more than 300 buildings and a population of 2,500.  


With the completion of a railroad system in 1898 that ran from Johannesburg to Kramer Junction, the town of Randsburg grew even bigger, and by 1899 it had a population of 3,500 people. Soon, the Rand District would become Southern California’s largest producer of gold, with an estimated $60-million in gold mined during the boom.


As often happens with boom towns, the gold and silver were eventually tapped out and the town went bust. Today, Randsburg is a classic example of a California ghost town, but what makes it unique is that it is a living ghost town, in that the original buildings are still being inhabited and used for businesses. The population, these days, is approximately sixty full-time residents many of whom live in the miner’s cabins from the days of old. 

On- and Off-Road Exploration

Trona Pinnacles
Approximately 20 miles east of Ridgecrest, this area is known for its unique landscape featuring more than 500 tufa spires.

Burro Schmidt Tunnel
The Burro Schmidt Tunnel is a 2,000-foot long tunnel dug out of solid rock that ends on a rock ledge with sprawling views of the valley below.

Husky Memorial
Historic landmark commemorating fallen motorcycle riders.

X-15 Monument Site 
Memorial in honor of US Air Force Major, Mike Adams, whose X-15 crashed after his seventh sub-orbital flight.

Bickel’s Camp
Historic 1930’s mining camp.

Jawbone Canyon Store
Mojave landmark and popular destination for motorcyclists and day-trippers. Enjoy a deli, beer garden and live music on holiday weekends.

California City Motocross Track
Off-Road race track.


Off-Road Tours

Coyote Trail Adventures



Coyote Trail Adventures specializes in 3-4 day off-road dirt bike riding tours. Packages include meals, lodging and transportation. Bring your own bike or rent one from them.

Ready to Explore Randsburg?

Stay for a Night or Two & See it All!

The Joint.jpeg

The Joint

Local Family-Owned (Full) Bar, Since 1955

General Store

Featuring The Longest Continuously Run Soda Fountain in the United States (According to the Owners)

Rand Desert Museum and Jail

161 Butte Ave

P.O. Box 307

Randsburg, CA 93554


The Rand Desert Museum


Randsburg Rod Shop

153 Butte Ave

Randsburg, CA 93554


(4) Randsburg Rod Shop | Facebook


Owl Café

701  US – 395

Randsburg, CA 93554



Opera House

26741 Butte Ave

Randsburg, CA 93554


Old West Days

3rd Saturday in September

For Information Visit Facebook

  • Pancake Breakfast

  • Old West Reenactments

  • Vendors

  • Costume Contest

  • Petting Zoo

  • Bike & Car Show

  • More…

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